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The only source of knowledge is experience ~ Albert Einstein

The Halen Group has over three decades of experience in providing counseling, clinical evaluations, executive coaching, expert testimony, forensic consultation, organizational development, hostage negotiation training, and dispute mediation.

We provide the following services for public safety agencies worldwide.

Trauma and Peer Support Training

Trainings to help first responders provide protective and palliative services for victims include: response to critical operational incidents such as shootings, vehicular and plane accidents, death notifications, suicides, and agency specific protocols.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

The Halen Group provides clinical, counseling, and consultative services for agency personnel. We utilize preventive training (suicide prevention, domestic violence, alcohol abuse) as well as nationwide referral services from a vetted network of clinicians experienced in law enforcement culture.


Organizational Development & Leadership Training

Halen Group associates teach at all levels of law enforcement academies and at national and international conferences. Associates have provided coursework and coaching to executives as well as incoming recruit classes.


Media attention to law enforcement behavior has highlighted the reality of how difficult the job is but also how crucial managing conflict is. Regulating anger, reading the other person, reading yourself, and selecting from a menu of behavioral approaches and options is crucial in calibrating oneself and addressing the presenting problem.

Law enforcement is an occupation that is fraught with stress, frustration and anger. The issue is not so much to suppress anger, but to be aware of it and control it through self-regulation techniques.

The Halen Group has been professionally committed to enlightening juries and informing the public of the psychological costs and neurobiological aspects affecting law enforcement personnel.